Jumat, 03 Desember 2010

Contoh Theoritical Framework

2.5Theoretical Framework
Speaking is one of skill which has to be mastered by students. But some students speaking ability of junior high school, especially in SMP IT AL ISLAM are weak and English Speaking fears for them. Because of that situation, the writer does this research. Before the research, in teaching speaking ability, English teacher of SMP IT AL ISLAM just uses realia to teach her students and when doing research the writer uses monopoly game to teach students of SMP IT AL ISLAM.
The technique that teacher always uses in teaching speaking is three phases technique. Although, in this research the writer uses the same technique in teaching speaking but the writer assumes that students’ speaking ability will be better than before. It is caused by using monopoly game students will enjoy the teaching learning process. If the students enjoy the teaching learning process, they will input material easily without compulsively.
The other reason why monopoly game is more effective than realia to teach speaking, it is seen when students are playing game they want to be a winner, they have to defeat the challenges in the game. Every challenges force them to speak English and it will be a solution to improve their speaking ability.

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